Policy Letters to MWD

Recommendations on Proposed Legislative Priorities for 2017 & 2018

Oppose 8-6, Insufficient Information to Adopt Resolution Authorizing Issuance of up to $175 Million in Debt

Oppose 7-7, Agreement with MWDOC and Santa Margarita Water District for Advanced Purification Water Treatment Facilities

Oppose 7-6, Agreement with MWDOC and El Toro Water District for Recycled Water Expansion Project

Oppose 7-5, Agreement with LADWP for Terminal Island Water Expansion Project

Oppose 7-4, Agreement with LADWP for Westside Area Water Recycling Project

Oppose 7-5, Agreement with City of Torrance for Recycled Water Project

Oppose 7-6, Water Savings Incentive Plan Agreements with Tri-Star Dyeing

Oppose 7-4, Entering into Local Resources Program Agreement with Eastern Municipal Water District for Perris Desalter

Oppose 7-3 – LRP Agreement for Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex