San Diego County Water Authority Policy Letters to the Metropolitan Water District

The Water Authority takes an active role as one of the largest member agencies of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, carefully analyzing MWD board issues, documents and staff reports.  The Water Authority provides comment and  advocates on behalf of its ratepayers via letters and active participation in MWD board action and policy.

MWD’s 2018 Legislative Priorities and Principles

MWD 2018 State and Federal Legislative Priorities and Principles

Request for Disclosure of WaterFix Agreements

Request for Appraisals of Delta Island Purchased by MWD

2017-08-09 Letter to Marcia Scully re PRA Request of October 2016

Concerns over MWD’s Plans to Overbuild Water Supplies

2017-08-03 Letter to MWD GM Kightlinger_UWMPs Discrepancies

Opposition to Policy Principles in MWD’s Integrated Resource Plan

Opposition to Cyclic Agreements

Request to Make a Presentation on Findings Regarding MWD’s Urban Water Management Plan

Opposition to Readiness to Serve Charge

Opposition to Project with LA Sanitation District based on Lack of Cost-Benefit Analysis and Other Factors

Request for Adequate Time to Review and Distribute Information on CA WaterFix

Water Authority Objection to Illegal Exchange Agreement

Oppose Introduction of Ordinance to Issue $400 Million in Debt

Continued Concerns with Basic Financial Statements

Water Authority Concerns with MWD’s Official Statement to Investors

Oppose Adoption of 2018 Readiness-to-Serve and Capacity Charges

Oppose Program Due to Failure to Demonstrate Cost Allocated to Benefits

Ensure Strong Storage Management

Ensure Project Within Budget and Complies with Cost-of-Service Principles

Oppose Blank Check Authorization for Consultant Contract

Concerns with Matters Discussed in Closed Session Response