San Diego County Water Authority Policy Letters to the Metropolitan Water District

The Water Authority takes an active role as one of the largest member agencies of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, carefully analyzing MWD board issues, documents and staff reports.  The Water Authority provides comment and  advocates on behalf of its ratepayers via letters and active participation in MWD board action and policy.

Water Authority Asks MWD to Continue Action on Colorado River Negotiations After Media Reports

Finance & Insurance Committee Workshop #2 Renewed Request for Budget Information and Cost of Service Report

2016 Rate Setting Process and Schedule for Public Hearing Request for Distribution of Cost of Service Report Prior to the Public Hearing

Report on Metropolitan’s Involvement in the Omega Chemical Corp Superfund Site

Appropriate $15 Million and Authorize: 1) Agreement with County Sanitation District No. 2 of Los Angeles County for Development of a Potential Regional Recycled Water Supply Program

Authorize Entering Storage and Exchange Agreements with Antelope Valley – East Kern Water Agency

Adopt Twenty-First Supplemental Resolution to the Master Revenue Bond Resolution

Authorize the General Manager to Enter Into an Option-to-Purchase Agreement

Adopt Twenty-First Supplemental Resolution to the Master Revenue Bond Resolution Authorizing the Sale of up to $250 Million of Water Revenue Bonds

Approve and Authorize the Execution and Distribution of Remarketing Statements

Approve the Introduction by Title Only of an Ordinance Determining That the Interests of the District Require the Use of Revenue Bonds

Adopt (1) the Resolution Finding that Continuing an Ad Valorem Tax Rate at the Rate Levied for Fiscal Year 2013/14 is Essential to Metropolitan’s Fiscal Integrity

Adopt a Resolution for the Reimbursement with Bond Proceeds of Capital Investment Plan Projects

Authorize: (1) Additional Funding for Conservation Incentives; and (2) Implementation of Modifications to the Turf Removal Program

Authorize (1) $150 Million in Additional Funding for Conservation Incentives from the Water Stewardship Fund and the Water Management Fund

Mid‐Cycle Biennial Budget Review and Recommendation for Use of Reserves Over Target Water Rate Increases

Set Public Hearing to Consider Suspending Section 124.5 of the Metropolitan Water District Act to Maintain the Current Ad Valorem Tax Rate

Authorize the Execution and Distribution of Official Statements in Connection With the Issuance of the Special Variable Rate Water Revenue Refunding Bonds

Authorize Entering into a Local Resources Program Agreement with the City of Long Beach and the Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Adopt Resolutions Imposing Readiness‐to‐Serve Charge and Capacity Charge Effective January 1, 2014

SB 60 Annual Public Hearing and Report to the Legislature Regarding Adequacy of MWD’s Urban Water Management Plan

Authorize Execution of Memorandum of Understanding for the Greater Los Angeles County Region Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan Leadership Committee