San Diego County Water Authority Policy Letters to the Metropolitan Water District

The Water Authority takes an active role as one of the largest member agencies of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, carefully analyzing MWD board issues, documents and staff reports.  The Water Authority provides comment and  advocates on behalf of its ratepayers via letters and active participation in MWD board action and policy.

Concerns with MWD’s Disclosure to Potential Investors

Second Request for Information Related to MWD’s Offering Statement

Request for Information Related to MWD’s Offering Statement

Oppose Increased Spending for Advertising Campaign

Oppose Adoption of Resolution to Issue $80 Million In Debt

Recommendations on Proposed Legislative Priorities for 2017 & 2018

Oppose 8-6, Insufficient Information to Adopt Resolution Authorizing Issuance of up to $175 Million in Debt

Oppose 7-7, Agreement with MWDOC and Santa Margarita Water District for Advanced Purification Water Treatment Facilities

Oppose 7-6, Agreement with MWDOC and El Toro Water District for Recycled Water Expansion Project

Oppose 7-5, Agreement with LADWP for Terminal Island Water Expansion Project

Oppose 7-4, Agreement with LADWP for Westside Area Water Recycling Project

Oppose 7-5, Agreement with City of Torrance for Recycled Water Project

Oppose 7-6, Water Savings Incentive Plan Agreements with Tri-Star Dyeing

Oppose 7-4, Entering into Local Resources Program Agreement with Eastern Municipal Water District for Perris Desalter

Oppose 7-3 – LRP Agreement for Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex

Oppose Unless Amended – Compliance with Fund Requirements and Bond Indenture Provisions

Water Authority Concerns Regarding the 2015 Integrated Water Resources Plan Update

Water Authority Opposition to Collecting Additional Property Tax Revenue

Opposition to Use of Illegally Collected Water Stewardship Rate Funds for Member Agency Projects

Support Water Use Efficiency but Concerned with MWD’s Conservation Programs

Water Authority Concerns Over MWD’s OS Statement and Failure to Maintain a Separate Account for Litigation Judgement

Oppose or Table Request to Approve and Authorize Appendix A for Use in the Issuance and Remarketing of Metropolitan’s Bonds

Concerns with MWD’s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan